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Fain, Sammy [=Samuel Feinberg] (1902-1989) American

I'll be seeing you (words by Irving Kahal) {17/185-3 : Francis, Day & Hunter}

Love is a many-splendored thing (words by Paul Francis Webster) {17/185-1 : Robbins}

Oh! For a closer walk with God ([words by] William Cowper) {10/045-8.1[2] : Novello}

Secret love (words by Paul Francis Webster) {17/185-2 : Warner Bros.}

Fall, Leo (1873-1925) Austrian

My dream of love {from The Dollar Princess} (words by Adrian Ross) {16/020( 4) [5] : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crewe}

A ring o' roses {from The Dollar Princess} (words by Adrian Ross) {16/020(12) [3] : Ricordi}

Falla, Manuel de (1876-1946) Spanish

Danse espagnole No. 1 {from La vida breve} (arr. Gustave Samazeuilh) {p. duo 22/012(1) : Max Eschig}

Danse rituelle du feu {p. solo 21/132-1 : 2 copies : Chester}

Fantasia Baetica {p. solo 21/132-2}

Spanish dance no. 1 {from La vida breve} {p. solo 21/132-3(1) : Chester}

Faning, Eaton (1850-1927) English

Moonlight: part-song for SATB (words by Fred. E. Weatherly) {18/055-1 : Novello}

Song of the Vikings: part-song (SATB) (words by Somerville Gibney) {18/055-2 : Novello}

Farban, René (19th-20th c.)

Rolling home to bonnie Scotland: song (poetry by C. Mackay arr. René Farban) {16/050-4 [ 6] : Elton}

Fare, Florence [=Alfred William Rawlings] (1860-1924) English

Kindergarten album of famous marches by Sousa and other composers [vol. 2]: [10 pieces] (arr. Florence Fare) {p. solo 20/150(2) : Darewski}

Kindergarten album of famous waltzes by Strauss and other composers: [12 pieces] (arr. Florence Fare) {p. solo 20/150(1) : Darewski}

Farjeon, Harry (1878-1948) English

Canzonetta {p. solo 21/133 : Cramer}

A Sussex alphabet, vol. 1: song cycle for children & grown-ups (poetry by Eleanor Farjeon) {09/071(1) : Joseph Williams}

Farkas, Ferenc (1905-2000) Hungarian

Sonata a due {viola & cello orch. sc. 29/003 : ZVB #no sep. parts}

Farmer, Henry (1819-1891) English

Fantasia on 'Faust': for violin w. accomp. (ad lib.) for p-forte, 2nd violin & violoncello / by Charles Gounod (arr. Henry Farmer) {set 28/071( 6) : Paxton #lacks violin & optional cello parts}

Select voluntaries for organ, American organ or harmonium [Bk 1-7] (arr. Henry Farmer) {45/030-2 : Joseph Williams}

Select voluntaries for organ, American organ or harmonium Bk 1 (arr. Henry Farmer) {45/030-2[1] : Joseph Williams}

Select voluntaries for organ, American organ or harmonium Bks 5-7 (arr. Henry Farmer) {45/030-2[2-4] : Joseph Williams}

Select voluntaries for organ, American organ or harmonium Bks 9-10 (arr. Henry Farmer) {45/030-2[5-6] : Joseph Williams}

Select voluntaries for organ, American organ or harmonium Bk 12 (arr. Henry Farmer) {45/030-2[7] : Joseph Williams}

Selection from 'In Questo Semplice': for violin w. accomp. (ad lib.) for p-forte, 2nd violin & violoncello / by Daniel Auber (arr. Henry Farmer) {set 28/070(14) : Brewer #lacks optional 2nd violin & cello parts}

Selection from 'Masaniello': for violin w. accomp. (ad lib.) for p-forte, 2nd violin & violoncello / by Daniel Auber (arr. Henry Farmer) {set 28/070( 8) : Brewer #lacks optional 2nd violin & cello parts}

Farnell, George Henry (1886-1949) English

The moonlight sonata: p. solo w. violin & cello ad lib. / by Ludwig van Beethoven (arr. Geo. H. Farnell) {set 28/003-8 : Banks}

Prelude for organ Op. 37 No. 2 / by Felix Mendelssohn (arr. Geo. H. Farnell) {p. solo 21/236-6 : Banks}

The Rose of Tralee: song (p solo, violin & cello ad lib. ) / by Charles William Glover (words by E. Mordaunt Spencer; arr. Geo. H. Farnell) {set 17/221.5-1 a) : Banks #a) incl. violin & cello parts}

Symphony in C minor no. 5: p. solo w. violin & cello ad lib. / by Ludwig van Beethoven (arr. Geo. H. Farnell) {set 28/003-9 a) sep. piano, violin & cello parts, no conductor : Banks}

Tales from the Vienna Woods: waltzes / by Johann Strauss II (arr. Geo. H. Farnell) {p. trio vn & vc 24/028.8 : Banks}

Fasolo, Giovanni Battista (c1600-1664) Italian

Cangia, cangia tue voglie: canzonetta {17/186 : 2 copies-M : Ricordi}

Fassone, Vittorio (1872-1953) Italian

Margarita (de Parete): canzone per Piedigrotta 1891 (versi di P. Cinquegrana) {10/045-5[24] : Santojanni}

Fauré, Gabriel (1845-1924) French

Abegg Op. 1 / by Robert Schumann (ed. Gabriel Fauré) {p. solo 21/334-7[1] : Durand}

Album of twenty songs (Vingt mélodies) {sop./ ten. 09/071.5-3(1) : Belwin-Mills}

Après un rêve: for cello (or viola) & piano (transc. Pablo Casals [Vc]) {set 33/029-3 b : International}

Après un rêve (After a dream) (paroles de Romain Bussine) {low v. 17/188-1 b) contr./bass : Hamelle}

Après un rêve: pour violoncelle (ou violon) et piano (transc. Pablo Casals [Vc] & A. Bachmann [Vn]) {set 33/029-3 a : Hamelle}

Après un rêve {violin & piano set 28/019.5 : Hamelle #a) score only}

Barcarolle Op. 44 No. 4 {p. solo 21/134-1}

Berceuse (Dolly n. 1) Op. 56 no. 1 {p. solo 21/134-6(1) : Hamelle}

Berceuse: arr. for flute (oboe or clarinet) & piano (ed. & arr. Zoltán Jeney) {set 36/024 : Musica Budapest #a) score + sep. flute/oboe & clarinet parts}

Elégie Op. 24: for cello (or viola) & piano {set 33/029-1 b : International}

Elégie Op. 24: pour violoncelle ou violon et piano {set 33/029-1 a : Hamelle}

En prière (poésie de Stéphan Bordese) {bass / contr. 17/188-2 contr./bass : Hamelle}

Improvisation Op. 84 No. 5 {from Pièces brèves pour piano} {p. solo 21/134-4(5) : Hamelle}

Les myrtes sont flétris!: aubade (poésie de Gustave Nadaud) {sop./ ten. 17/188-3 No. 2: ten./sop. : Heugel}

Neuf mélodies Op. 61 (poésie de Paul Verlaine) {09/071.5-2 a) high v. : Hamelle}

The palms (Les rameaux): sacred song (J. Bertrand; Eng. words Clifton Bingham) {mez./ bar. 17/188-4 No. 1: bar./mez. : Schott}

Le papillon et la fleur (poésie de Victor Hugo) {sop./ ten. 17/188-5 No. 2: sop./ten. : Hamelle}

Les papillons Op. 2 / by Robert Schumann (ed. Gabriel Fauré) {p. solo 21/334-7[2] : Durand}

Pavane Op. 50 {p. solo 21/134-2}

Pièce: [pour] flûte, ou hautbois, ou violon {36/025-1}

Requiem Op. 48 {SATB soli min. sc. 04/013.5 : Hamelle}

Requiem (1893 version): [sop. & bar. w. SATB chor.] (ed. w. Eng. trans. John Rutter) {02/042.2 : 2 copies : OUP}

Requiem: [sop. & bar. w. SATB chor.] (réd. Roger Ducasse) {02/042.1 : 4 copies-M : Hamelle}

Sicilienne Op. 78: for cello (or viola) & piano {set 33/029-2 b : International}

Sicilienne Op. 78: pour violoncelle ou violon et piano {set 33/029-2 a : Cramer}

Six barcarolles et cinq impromptus {p. solo 21/134-5 : Hamelle}

Thème et variations Op. 73 {p. solo 21/134-3 : 2 copies}

Trio pour piano, violon et violoncelle Op. 120 {set 24/008 : Durand}

Twenty-five selected songs (Eng. trans. Marion Farquhar) {09/071.5 a) low v. : Schirmer}

Faye, Philip de (19th-20th c.) English

see De Faye, Philip

Fearis, John Sylvester (1867-1932) American

Beautiful isle of somewhere: [sacred song] (words by Mrs Jessie Brown Pounds) {17/188.5 high v.: Bb : Frederick Harris}

Feinberg, Samuel (1902-1989) American

see Fain, Sammy (pseud.)

Felix, Victor (19th c.)

Sommernachtstraum: Marsch / by Felix Mendelssohn (transc. [for p. & violin] Victor Felix) {violin & piano 28/075[5] : Peters #p. cond. only}

Tannhäuser: Marsch / by Richard Wagner (transc. [for p. & violin] Victor Felix) {violin & piano 28/075[8] : Peters #p. cond. only}

Fellowes, Edmund Horace (1870-1951) English

Forty Elizabethan love-songs Bk 1 (1-10) (ed. & arr. Edmund Horace Fellowes) {10/009.5(1) : Stainer & Bell}

Forty Elizabethan songs Bk 4: [10 songs] (ed. & arr. Edmund Horace Fellowes) {10/009.5(4) a) high v. : Stainer & Bell}

Though Amayllis dance in green {from Psalms, Sonnets and Songs, 1588} / by William Byrd (ed Edmund H Fellowes, rev. Philip Brett) {SAATB soli 15/026 : Stainer & Bell}

Fenby, Eric (1906-1997) English

On hearing the first cuckoo in Spring / by Frederick Delius (arr. Eric Fenby) {organ 40/083 : OUP}

Fergus, John (1767-1825) Scottish

O Bothwell Bank (words by John Pinkerton; arr. J. Michael Diack) {17/189 med. v. : Paterson}

Ferguson, Howard (1908-1961) N. Irish

Five bagatelles {p. solo 21/136 : 2 copies}

Four short pieces for clarinet and piano {set 36/025.3 Bb clar. : Boosey & Hawkes}

  1. Prelude 2. Scherzo 3. Pastoral 4. Burlesque

Ferling, Franz Wilhelm (1796-1874) German

48 études op. 31 (rev. Louis Bleuzet & Pierre Pierlot) {oboe 36/025.5 : Billaudot}

Fesch, Willem de (1687-1761) Flemish

see De Fesch, Willem

Festing, Michael Christian (1705-1752) English

Two jigs (arr. & adapt. Harold Craxton & Alfred Moffat) {p. solo 21/136.5 : Cramer}

Feuillard, Louis R (1872-1941) French

Tagliche Ubungen fur Violoncello {cello 33/A15 : Schott}

Fibich, Zdeněk (Zdenko) (1850-1900) Czech

Alla Schumann Op. 41/IV/26 {p. solo 21/137[2] : Urbánek}

Poem Op. 41/IV/14 {p. solo 21/137[1] : Urbánek}

Poem (arr. Jan Janota) {violin & piano set 28/020 (b) : Urbánek}

Poëm (In your eyes): voc. valse, w. violin & cello obbl. (words by Arthur Anderson) {set 28/020 (a) : Keith, Prowse}

Field, John (1782-1837) Irish

Achtzehn Nocturnes (ed. Louis Koehler) {p. solo 21/138-2 : Peters}

Cavatina (ed. Kathleen Long) {p. solo 21/138}

Nocturne (oboe transc. Evelyn Rothwell; accomp. arr.Gibilaro) {oboe & piano set 36/025.7 : Chester #a) lacks oboe part}

Rondo from Sonata in E flat major Op. 1 No. 1 (arr. Martin Penny) {p. duo set 22/012 : OUP}

Finck, Herman (1872-1939) German-British

Melodious memories: potpourri {p. trio vn & vc orch. sel. 24/008 : Hawkes #p. cond., v1 cond., cello}

Finden, Amy Woodforde- (1860-1919) English

see Woodforde-Finden, Amy

Finger, Gottfried (Godfrey) (1656-1730) Anglo-Czech

Sonata for descant recorder and piano (harpsichord) (arr. Walter Bergmann) {set 36/025.8 : Schott}

Finlay, Alec (20th c.) Scottish

Come o'er the border (Bonnie Prince Charlie) (words by William Skinner) {p. voc. + sol-fa 17/190 : Noel Gay}

Finlay, Kenneth George (1882-1974) Scottish

A rose-bud by my early walk: part-song (SATB) (words by Burns) {18/057 : Bayley & Ferguson}

The Saviour's birth: Church cantata for Christmas [for SATB soli & chor.] (words by Marjorie N. Finlay) {01/039 : Bayley & Ferguson}

Finnissy, Michael (1946- English

Gershwin arrangements: for p. solo {21/139 : OUP}

Finzi, Gerald (1901-1956) English

Concerto no. 2 in B flat major: piano reduction / by John Garth (ed. Gerald Finzi) {cello & piano set 33/031 : Hinrichsen}

Concerto no. 2 in B flat for violoncello solo, string orchestra and continuo (ad lib.) / by John Garth (ed. Gerald Finzi) {cello full sc. 42/017.8 : Hinrichsen}

Five bagatelles for clarinet and piano {set 36/026 : 3 copies Bb clar. : Boosey & Hawkes #b) lacks clarinet part}

  1. Prelude 2. Romance 3. Carol 4. Forlana 5. Fughetta

Lo, the full, final sacrifice: festival anthem for chor. & organ (or orch.) (words by Richard Crashaw) {SATB choir 02/043 : 2 copies : Boosey & Hawkes}

Till Earth outwears (words by Thomas Hardy) {09/071.8 : Boosey & Hawkes}

Fiocco, Joseph-Hector (1703-1741) Italian-Belgian

Arioso: for oboe & piano (arr. Arthur Bent & Norman O'Neill) {set 36/026.1 : Schott}

Seven pieces No. 3, allegro {violin & piano set 28/020.5 : Schott}

Fiorillo, Federigo (1753-1823) Italian

36 Etüden (Capricen) (ed. Walter Davisson) {violin set 28/020.7 : Peters}

Fischer, Johann Casper Ferdinand (c1665-1746) German

Suite in G: for oboe & piano (ed. & arr. Walter Bergmann) {set 36/026.2 : Schott}

Fischhof, Robert (1856-1918) Austrian

Drei Lieder (Rob. Reinick; Eng versions Eleanor Mary Bott) {09/072 : Alexander Rosé}

  1. Mütterlein sprich! (Mother, O say!) 2. Murmulendes Bächlein (The murmuring brooklet) 3. Frühling ist da (Springtime is here)

Fisher, Esther (1900-1991) New Zealander

Danse nègre / by Cyril Scott (arr. Esther Fisher) {p. duet 22/048-1 : 2 copies : Elkin}

Fisher, Howard (19th-20th c.) English

The adjutant: song (words and music Howard Fisher) {17/192-2 No. 1 in F : Boosey}

An old violin: song (words by Helen Taylor) {17/192 No. 3 in Eb : Boosey}

Fisher, L (20th c.) English

The robin's return: caprice {p. solo 16/050-2 [ 1] : Pitman, Hart}

Fisher, Noel (20th c.) English

Konzert K.488 A major / by W A Mozart (arr. Noel Fisher) {p. solo 21/254-3.5 a : Hinrichsen}

Konzert No. 1 E minor Op. 11 [abridged] / by Frédéric Chopin (arr. Noel Fisher) {p. solo 21/078-1 : 2 copies : Peters}

Piano concerto in A major K.488 / by W A Mozart (arr. Noel Fisher) {p. solo 21/254-3.5 b : Hinrichsen}

Sonata 2 in B flat (original) K. 358 / by W A Mozart (arr. Noel Fisher) {p. duet 22/032-4 c : Peters}

Symphonic variations / by César Franck (arr. Noel Fisher) {p. solo 21/144-3 : Peters}

Fisher, William Arms (1861-1948) American

Goin' home {adapted from the Largo of the New World symphony} / by Antonín Dvorák (words and adapt. by William Arms Fisher) {17/174-4 No. 1 [in C] : Alfred Lengnick}

Fiske, Roger (1910-1987) English

Done for (words by Walter de la Mare) {17/192.5-2 : OUP}

Weathers (words by Thomas Hardy) {17/192.5 : 2 copies : OUP}

Flesch, Carl (1873-1944) Hungarian

Urstudien {violin 25/006 : Ries& Erler}

Fletcher, Clifford

Scottish two-parters: 12 trad Scottish songs (arr. Clifford Fletcher) {voc. duet 15/017.5 : Elkin}

Fletcher, Leonard

Serenade / by Franz Schubert (arr. Leonard Fletcher) {p. solo 21/328- 5.5 b : Mozart Allan}

Fletcher, Percy E (1879-1932) English

Honeysuckle Lane (words by Freda Gayne) {10/045-8.1[11] : Novello}

The smile of Spring: voc. waltz (words by George Ellerton) {17/193-1 [No. 2] in C : Novello}

Fletcher, Stanley (1910-1988) English

New tunes for strings Bk 1: [40 pieces for violin, viola, cello & d.b. with piano accomp.] {42/017-1 #teacher's book & cello part only}

Flotow, Friedrich von (1812-1883) German

Marta (Martha): opera {06/016 : 2 copies : Boosey}

Martha: potpourri en forme de fantaisie pour piano et violon (arr. H. Ollivier) {28/075[6] : Peters #p. cond. only}

Flotsam, Mr [=B C Hilliam] (1890-1968) English

see also Hilliam, B. C. (Bentley Collingwood)

The Changing of the Guard (words and music Mr Flotsam and Mr Jetsam) {p. voc. + sol-fa 17/194 : Peter Maurice}

Fly, Leslie (b.1902) English

Corner-stones piano duets: a collection of early English airs and ditties (arr. Leslie Fly) {p. duet 22/060-3 : Forsyth Bros.}

Forest themes {p. duet 22/012.7 : Forsyth Bros.}

  1. Cranham Woods 2. Bowland Forest 3. New Forest

Fogg, (Charles William) Eric (1903-1939) English

Peace (words by Rabindranath Tagore) {17/196 No. 2 in F : Elkin}

Fontyn, Jacqueline (1930- Belgian

Ballade {p. solo 21/140-1}

Mosaici: 8 pièces brèves pour piano {21/140-2}

Forbes, Sebastian (1941- Scottish

Episodes {p. solo 21/142}

Forbes, Watson (1909-1997) Scottish

Barcarolle Op. 37a No. 6 / by P I Tchaikovsky (arr. Watson Forbes) {violin & piano set 28/047-1 : Chester}

Fantasia on Greensleeves (adapted from 'Sir John in Love'): for viola (or cello) & piano / by Ralph Vaughan-Williams (arr. Watson Forbes) {viola / cello & piano set 33/076-1 : 2 copies : OUP #a) score only b) complete}

Popular pieces: [6 pieces] (arr. Watson Forbes) {viola & piano 32/020-1}

A second book of classical & Romantic pieces: [15 pieces - Grade 3-4] (arr. Watson Forbes) {violin & piano set 28/060-9(2) : 2 copies : OUP}

Six suites: orig. for cello / by J S Bach (transc. Watson Forbes) {viola 32/001 : Chester}

Ford, Donald (b.1891)

A prayer to Our Lady {from Skylark and Swallow}: song (words by Rev. R. L. Gales) {17/199 a) No. 2 in Eb : Murdoch, Murdoch}

Forest, George (1915-1999) American

see Forrest, George 'Chet'

Foresythe, Reginald (1907-1958) English

Serenade for a wealthy widow {p. solo 21/143 : Irwin Dash}

Forge, Frank La (1879-1953) American

see La Forge, Frank

Forrest, George 'Chet' (1915-1999) American

The Great Waltz: [based on music by Johann Strauss I & II adapted by E.W. Korngold] / by Robert Wright (music & lyrics by Robert Wright & George Forrest) {libr. 03/195-2 #marked up copy (W. Jolly)}

Kismet: musical Arabian night / by Robert Wright (adapted from the music of Alexander Borodin; lyrics by Robert Wright & George Forrest) {07/058-1 : Frank}

Kismet: musical Arabian night [from themes by Alexander Borodin] / by Robert Wright (music & lyrics by Robert Wright & George Forrest) {libr. 03/195-1 : 2 copies : Frank}

Song of Norway: operetta / by Robert Wright (based on life & music of Edvard Grieg; lyrics by Robert Wright & George Forrest) {07/058 : Chappell}

Forster, Dorothy (1884-1950) English

Dearest, I bring you daffodils: song (words by Fred. E. Weatherly) {17/200-1 No. 2 in Eb : Chappell}

Mifanwy: song (words by Fred. E. Weatherly) {17/200-2 No. 3 in G : Chappell}

Rose in the bud: song (words by Percy J. Barrow) {17/200 No. 2 in C : Chappell}

Fortescue, Edith [=Alfred William Rawlings] (1860-1924) English

Giver of life: song (words by Clifton Bingham) {16/050-4 [38]}

Foss, Hubert James (1899-1953) English

See what His love can do (Seht, was die Liebe tut) / by J S Bach (arr. Hubert J. Foss) {p. duo set 22/003- 6 : OUP}

Foster, Ivor Reginald (1904-1998) English

Arietta {p. solo 21/143.5 : ABRSM}

Foster, Stephen Collins (1826-1864) American

Beautiful dreamer (arr. Frank C. Walsh) {17/201-2 : Walsh}

I dream of Jeanie [with the light brown hair] (Stephen Foster; arr. David Dick Slater) {17/201 d) med. F : Frederick Harris}

Jeanie, with the light brown hair (words and music Stephen C. Foster; arr. Frank Walsh) {17/201 c) : Fentone}

Jeanie with the light brown hair: song (by Stephen C. Foster; arr. E. Kershaw) {p. voc. + sol-fa 17/201 b) : Banks}

Jeanie, with the light brown hair: song (words and music Stephen C. Foster; arr. Leo T. Croke) {17/201 a) : Beal, Stuttard}

Medley of songs for baritone solo, men's voices & piano (arr. Leslie Woodgate) {15/038 : 3 copies : Dix}

Oh! Susanna {from The Covered Wagon} (words & music by Stephen Foster) {17/201-3 : Dix}

Fothergill, Helen (b.1873) English

Weep you no more: song (words from John Dowland's 3rd Book of Airs 1603) {10/089[13] a) low v. [A min] : Augener}

Fox, Charlotte Milligan (1864-1916) Irish

By the short cut to the Rosses: old Donegal air (words by Nora Hopper (Mrs Chesson); arr. C. Milligan Fox) {17/202.2 : Boosey & Hawkes}

Fox, Oscar Julius (1879-1961) American

My heart is a silent violin: song (poem by Eric von der Goltz) {17/202.3 No. 2 in Bb : Paterson}

Françaix, Jean (1912-1997) French

L'horloge de flore: pour hautbois et orch. {oboe & piano set 36/026.5 : Transatlantiques}

Franck, César (1822-1890) Belgian

Final {6 pièces d'orgue, 6} {organ 40/098-2(6) : Durand}

Grande pièce symphonique {6 pièces d'orgue, 2} {organ 40/098-2(2) : Durand}

Panis angelicus (O wondrous Heavenly bread) {mez./ bar. 17/203 b) [No.] 3 bar./mez. in G : Edwin Ashdown}

Panis angelicus (arr. Bryan Hesford) {organ 40/098-3 : Fentone}

Pièce 5 (transc. Th. Doney) {oboe & piano set 36/027 : Alphonse Leduc}

Prélude, chorale et fugue {p. solo 21/144-1 : 3 copies}

Prélude, fugue et variation {organ 40/098-2(3) : Durand}

Sonata {violin & piano set 28/021 : United Music}

Sonata in A major: for violin (or cello) & piano (transc. Jules Delsart) {cello & piano set 33/029.5 : International}

Symphonic variations (arr. Noel Fisher) {p. solo 21/144-3 : Peters}

Symphonie pour orchestre (transc. Ernest Alder) {p. solo 21/052-0[6] : Hamelle}

Trois chorals {organ 40/098-1 : United Music}

Trois chorals pour grand orgue {40/098 : Durand}

Trois chorals pour grand orgue, No. 2: avec pédale obligée {40/098-1(2) : Durand}

Variations symphoniques (arr. Henry Geehl) {p. solo 21/144-2}

Variations symphoniques {p. duo set 22/013 : Enoch #2nd piano only}

Francoeur, François (1698-1787) French

Le galant chevalier (arr. & ed. Alfred Moffat) {p. solo 21/144.5 : Cramer}

Frank, Marcel G (1906-1985) Austrian-American

Twelve easy woodwind trios transcr. from music of the 17th & 18th centuries: for various combinations of flute, oboe, bassoon, Bb clarinet, Bb bass clarinet {42/099-1 : Chappell #a) lack Bb clarinet part}

Frankel, Benjamin (1906-1973) English

Serenata concertante Op. 37 {p. trio vn & vc set 24/009 : Novello}

Franklin, Norman (b.1905) English

A warning, or The Danger of artificial fly: song from Vauxhall Gardens / by Thomas Arne (arr. Norman Franklin) {17/016-2 : 2 copies : OUP}

Franko, Sam (1857-1937) American

Arioso: [arr. for violin (or cello) & piano] / by J S Bach (arr. Sam Franko) {set 28/002-8 a) sep. violin & cello parts : Schirmer}

Franz, Oscar (1843-1886) German

Complete method for the French horn {horn 35/006.7 : PE }

Franz, Robert (1815-1892) German

Fondly he sought me (Er ist gekommen) (Fr. Rückert; Eng. J. Wrey Mould) {17/205-1 : Schirmer}

In the hedge a rose is blooming (Lieber Schatz, sei wieder gut) Op. 26 no. 2 (W. Osterwald; Eng. text Dawson Freer) {17/205-4 : Joseph Williams}

Leaves are falling (Blätter lässt die Blumen fallen) Op. 30 no. 2 (Eng. Dr Wm. J. Wetmore) {17/205-2 : Schirmer}

My heart ever faithful {from the cantata God so loved the world}: song for mez. in D / by J S Bach (arr. Robert Franz) {17/024-7 b) in D : Novello}

My heart ever faithful (Mein gläubiges Herze): air for sop. in F / by J S Bach (arr. Robert Franz) {17/024-7 a,c) in F : Augener}

On a thorn-bush blooms a rosebud (Lieber Schatz, sei wieder gut mir) Op. 26 no. 2 ([W. Osterwald]) {17/205-3 : Root & Cady}

Thirty songs (words by N. Lenau (1-5,8) H. Heine (6,9-13,16,19-25,28) et al.) {09/073-1 : Novello}

Die zwanzig schönsten Lieder {09/073-2 hoch : Siegel, Kistner}

Fraser, Donald (1947- Anglo-American

Canon / by Johann Pachelbel (arr. Donald Fraser) {violin & piano set 28/036 : Fentone}

Fraser, Marjory Kennedy- (1857-1930) Scottish

see Kennedy-Fraser, Marjory

Fraser, Shena (1910-1993) Scottish

The drunken sailor: p. duet {22/015-2 : Fraser-Enoch}

Hornpipe and Jig {p. duo set 22/015 : United Music}

Fraser-Simson, Harold (1878-1944) English

Christopher Robin is saying his prayers (Vespers): song (words by A. A. Milne) {17/205.5 No. 1 in C : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crewe}

Fourteen songs from 'When we were very young' (by A. A. Milne) {09/075 : Methuen}

Love will find a way {from The Maid of the Mountains} {16/020( 1) [3] : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crewe}

The Maid of the Mountains: musical play (lyrics by Harry Graham) {07/010-2 : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crewe}

Our Peg: musical play (lyrics by Harry Graham) {07/010 : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crewe}

A Southern Maid: musical play (lyrics by Harry Graham & Adrian Ross) {07/010-3 : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crewe}

The street singer {from Heart's Desire} (words by Percy Greenbank) {16/020(12) [1] : Ricordi}

French, William Percy (1854-1920) Irish

The mountains of Mourne: song (by Percy French & Houston Collisson) {17/206 : 2 copies No. 2 in Bb b) No. 1 in G : Keith, Prowse}

Phil the fluter's ball: song (words and music W. P. French) {17/206-2 all) C : Keith, Prowse}

Friedlaender, Max (1852-1934) German

Ausgewählte Lieder und Gesänge: [27 songs] / by Adolf Jensen (rev. &c Max Friedlaender) {09/095-2 high v. : Peters}

Friedman, Ignaz (1882-1948) Polish

Viennese dance no. 2 / by Eduard Gärtner (arr. Ignaz Friedman) {p. solo 21/148.5(2) : Hawkes}

Friml, Rudolf (1879-1972) Czech-American

Crépuscule (Twilight) Op. 36 No. 2 {p. solo 21/145 : 2 copies}

Indian love call {from Rose Marie}: voc. duet [sop. & ten. or mez. & bar.] (words by Otto Harbach & Oscar Hammerstein) {18/059 No. 2 high : Chappell}

Indian love call {from Rose Marie} (words by Otto Harbach & Oscar Hammerstein) {17/207-1 : 3 copies a,b) No. 2 in F c) No. 1 in D : Chappell}

Only a rose {from The Vagabond King} (lyric by Brian Hooker) {17/207-2 No. 2 in Bb : Feldman}

Rose Marie: from the musical play (lyrics by Otto Harbach & Oscar Hammerstein II) {17/207-3 a) in C : Chappell}

Rose Marie (a romance of the Canadian Rockies): musical play (lyrics by Otto Harbach & Oscar Hammerstein II) {07/011 : 3 copies : Chappell}

Fumagalli, Adolphe (Adolf) (1828-1856) Italian

Un carnaval de plus Op. 95 (Souvenir de Venise): variations-caprice {p. solo 21/146}

Füssl, Karl-Heinz (1924-1992) German

Sonata for trumpet (in C or B flat) and piano / by Henry Purcell (arr. Karl Heinz Fuessl; ed. Roger Voisin) {set 35/013 : International}

Fyfe, D J (20th c.) Scottish

Lord Maclay's reel: Scottish country dance {p. solo 20/210 : Kerr}

207 works by 89 composers, with 8 arrangers or second composers, alternative titles and 8 cross-references

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