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Friday 3rd December 2021

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Gounod, Charles-François (1818-1893) French

Au rossignol: harmonie poetique (paroles de A. de Lamartine) {sop./ ten. 17/224-1 No. 3: sop./ten. : Choudens}

Ave Maria: for mez., violin or violoncello solo, p. & org. / by J S Bach (adapted to J. S. Bach's 1st Prelude; Eng. words Henry Chorley) {set 10/045-9[11] d) No. 2: mez. (F) : Schott's Söhne #No English words!}

Ave Maria: for mez., violin or violoncello solo, p. & org. (adapted to J. S. Bach's 1st Prelude; Eng. words Henry Chorley) {set 17/224-3 d) No. 2: mez. (F) : Schott}

Ave Maria : meditation / sacred song: for sop./ten., violin or violoncello solo, p. & org. (adapted to J. S. Bach's 1st Prelude; Eng. words Henry Chorley) {set 17/224-3 f) No. 1: sop. (G) : Schott}

Ave Maria (adapted to J. S. Bach's 1st Prelude; Eng. words Henry Chorley) {sop./ ten. 17/224-3 : 2 copies a) No. 6: sop./ten.(G) b) No. 8: contr.(D) : Schott}

Ave Maria (adapted to the 1st Prelude of J. S. Bach) {bar. 17/224-3 : 3 copies c) [No. 9] Eb [bar.] : Wood}

Ave Maria: meditation / sacred song (adapted to the 1st Prelude of J. S. Bach; Eng. words Lionel Mundy) {mez. 17/224-3 e) No. 3 in F [mez.] : Ricordi}

Ave Maria (Spirit Eternal) (words by R. R. Hall) {p. voc. + sol-fa 17/224-4 : Bayley & Ferguson}

Ce que je suis sans toi: mélodie (paroles de L. de Peyre) {sop. 17/224-5 No. 2: sop. : Choudens}

The celebrated waltz song {from Romeo and Juliet} (Eng. words by Edward Lockton) {16/020( 3) [2] : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crewe}

Cross of Calvary (Ave Maria!) ([by] Alfred Phillips) {mez./ bar. 17/224-6 [No. 2]: mez./bar.(Ab) : Schirmer}

Death and life (Mors et vita): sacred trilogy [oratorio for STB soli, chor., double chor. & orch.] {08/024-1}

Duo {from Philémon et Baucis}: duo (mez. & bar.) (poème de J. Barbier & M. Carré) {18/067-1 : Choudens}

Entreat me not to leave thee: song of Ruth (Song of Ruth) {17/224-7 : 2 copies No. 1 in Bb b) No. 2 in C : Weekes}

Fantasia on 'Faust': for violin w. accomp. (ad lib.) for p-forte, 2nd violin & violoncello (arr. Henry Farmer) {set 28/071( 6) : Paxton #lacks violin & optional cello parts}

Faust ([French libretto by Jules Barbier and Michel Carré]) {libr. 03/055 : EMI}

Faust: complete book of lyrics ... and four gems from the opera {09/079-1 : Moody-Manners}

Faust: grand opera (Eng. version H. F. Chorley; arr. Clarence Lucas) {06/020-1 : Chappell}

  additional Eng. libretto for "Jack of Hearts" in MS. by William Jolly(?)

Faust: grand opera {06/020 : 2 copies}

Faust: grand opera (piano solo) (arr. Clarence Lucas) {21/152.2 : Chappell}

Faust: opera selection for concert performance (sel. & arr. John Pointer) {09/079-3 : Novello}

Faust: operatic selection (arr. Dan Godfrey) {09/079-2 : Pitman, Hart}

Faust: concert selection (ed. & arr. John Pointer) {sol-fa only 44/025-1 : Novello}

The flower song {from Faust} (words by H. F. Chorley) {p. voc. + sol-fa 17/224-8 : Bayley & Ferguson}

Forever with the Lord! (words by J. Montgomery) {17/225-1 [No. 4 in] Eb : Phillips & Page}

The guardian angel: song (words by Henry Farnie) {17/225-2 No. 1 in C : Metzler}

If thou art sleeping, maiden, awake!: song (words by Longfellow) {10/045-9[18] : Weekes}

The jewel song {from Faust} (arr. Alfred Moffat; Eng. version H. F. Chorley) {p. voc. + sol-fa 17/225-3 : 2 copies : Bayley & Ferguson}

The King of love my Shepherd Is: sacred song (words by Sir Henry W. Baker) {17/225-4 : 4 copies a-d) F (sop./ten.) a-c) Francis & Co. seller's impr. : Phillips & Page}

Loving smile of sister kind (Invocation) {from Faust}: cavatina (O. Pradère; Eng. words by Henry F. Chorley) {17/225-5 : 2 copies a) No. 1 in C b) No. 2 in Db : Chappell}

Méditation sur le 1er Prélude de J.S. Bach (Ave Maria) {p. solo 21/152.2-2 : Schott}

Medjé: chanson arabe (poésie de Jules Barbier) {17/225-6 : 2 copies a,b) No. 3: sop./ten. b) Cramer seller's impr. : Choudens}

Messe solennelle (St Cecilia) (arr. Joseph Barnby) {02/085[3] : Novello}

Messe solennelle de Sainte Cécile: for STB soli, SATB & orch. or organ (rev. Michael Pilkington) {02/050-1 b : Novello}

Messe solennelle (St Cecilia): [for STB soli, SSTTBarB chor. & orch.] (ed. & arr. Joseph Barnby) {02/050-1 a : Novello}

Mignon: mélodie (poésie de Louis Gallet) {sop. 17/225-7 No. 2: sop. : Choudens}

Nazareth: sacred song (A. Porte; Eng. words by Henry F. Chorley) {p. voc. + sol-fa 17/225-8 No. 2 in Eb : Broome}

Nazareth ('Though poor be the chamber'): anthem for bar. solo & chor. (words by Henry F. Chorley; arr. John E. West) {02/050-2 : 2 copies : Novello}

Nuit resplendissante: cantilène [organ & violin ad lib.] {set 17/226-1 : Léon Grus #a) organ part impf.}

O divine Redeemer! (Repentir): scena (words by Alfred Phillips; arr. Leigh Kingsmill) {17/226-2 : 2 copies d) in G e) in A : Phillips & Page}

O divine Redeemer! (Repentir): scena (words by Alfred Phillips; arr. Leigh Kingsmill) {17/226-2 : 4 copies a,b) in G c) in C f) in Bb : Cramer}

O divine Redeemer: voc. duet for sop. & contr. (words by Alfred Phillips) {18/067-2 in C : Cramer}

The Redemption: sacred trilogy (ed. Berthold Tours) {08/024-2 : 3 copies : Novello}

Repentir (Parce Domine / O divine Redeemer!): prayer ([Eng, words by Alfred Phillips]) {mez./ bar. 17/226-3 a) mez./bar.(Db) : Schirmer}

Serenade (Sing on) {17/226-4 : Hutchings & Romer}

Sérénade: berceuse (poésie de Victor Hugo; Eng. words Henry F. Chorley) {10/045-4[12] No. 2 in F : Schott}

Serenade: for oboe & piano (arr. Lionel Salter) {set 36/031.2 : OUP}

She alone charmeth my sadness {from Irene (''La reine de Saba'')}: recit. & air (words by Henry Farnie) {17/225-9 No. 1 in E (bass) : Metzler}

There is a green hill far away: sacred song (words by Mrs C.F. Alexander) {17/226-5 : 3 copies a) No. 2 in E b) No. 3 in D c) No. 1 in F : Novello}

Valse song {from Romeo and Juliet} {17/226-6 No. 4bis: F (orig.) : Chappell}

Waltz song {from Romeo and Juliet} (Eng. version Edward Oxenford) {17/226-7 : Greening}

Watching and praying: song, with v. obbl. ad lib. (words by H. L. D'Arcy Jaxone) {10/045-5[ 6] No. 2 in Bb : Beal #incl. violin part}

When all was young {from Faust}: romance w. v-c obbl. (Eng. Henry F. Chorley, Fr. O. Pradère) {16/050-4 [34] No. 2 in A : Chappell}

When all was young and pleasant {from Faust}: Siebel's song {p. voc. + sol-fa 17/226-8 : Bayley & Ferguson}

When thou singest (Quand tu chantes) (words by Maria Thanetta) {17/226-9 : Broome}

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