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Friday 3rd December 2021

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Britten, Benjamin (1913-1976) English

Children's crusade (Kinderkreuzzug) Op. 82 - Chorus part: ballad for childen's v. & orch. (01/023-7)

Children's crusade (Kinderkreuzzug) Op. 82 - Full score: ballad for childen's v. & orch. (43/017)

The Golden Vanity (Die Gold'ne Eitelkeit) Op. 78: vaudeville for boys & piano after the old English ballad (01/023-8)

Cooper, William Smyth (19th-20th c.) English

The magic key: Spanish fairy opera (07/006 : 2 copies)

A Royal Jester, or A Kingdom for a Laugh: operetta (07/006.1)

Diack, J Michael (1869-1947) English

Papageno: operetta or cantata for schools & mus. soc. (07/008 : 2 copies)

Farjeon, Harry (1878-1948) English

A Sussex alphabet, vol. 1: song cycle for children & grown-ups (09/071(1))

Grieve, John Charles (b.1842) Scottish

Rob Roy: national kinderspiel (07/013.3)

Hughes, Herbert (1882-1937) N. Irish

Rhymes set to music, vol. 1: studies in imitation [10 nursery rhymes] (child. v.: 09/091-2(1))

Rhymes set to music, vol. 2: studies in imitation [7 nursery rhymes] (child. v.: 09/091-2(2))

Ley, Henry George (1887-1962) English

Savernake, or The Professor's Dilemma: fairy play (child. v.: 07/019)

Ramsey, Benjamin Mansell (1849-1923) English

Peach blossom: children's operetta (07/028)

Silva, Edward

Swinging: voc. valse (17/516.5)

Somervell, Arthur (Sir) (1863-1937) English

The Enchanted Palace: [children's operetta] (07/032.5 : 2 copies)

Sullens, Gertrude (19th-20th c.) English

The Enchanted Emerald, or The Missing May Queen: fairy play (child. v.: 07/038)

Swinyard, Laurence (20th c.) English

The Stranger: play for children (07/054 : 2 copies)

Tootell, George (1886-1969) English

Tangles (Lollipop Land): fantastic operetta (07/055)

Various Composers

Selected vocal music [for schools] (15/011.51)

Songs, rounds and duets for schools (15/011.52)

Ward, Annie Clementine (19th-20th c.) English

Flowerland or, The lady gardeners: operetta for equal v. (07/057-2)

Princess Ju Ju, or The golden Amulet: Japanese operetta (07/057)

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