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North East of Scotland Music School

Friday 26th November 2021

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Foster, Stephen Collins (1826-1864) American

Medley of songs for baritone solo, men's voices & piano (15/038 : 3 copies)

Griffiths, Vernon (1894-1985) English

Twelve 3-part songs: for male v. of lim. range (15/014)

Holst, Gustav (1874-1934) English

Choral hymns from the Rig Veda Op. 26. 4th Group: 4 hymns for male v. (01/051-1(4))

Johnston, Peter F Scottish

Seventeen national and traditional songs: for choirs of ten., bar. & bass. of lim. voc. range (15/009.5)

Tenor, baritone & bass: twenty-one easy arrangements of national and traditional songs for men's or boys' voices with piano (15/009.6 : 3 copies)

Various Composers

A selection of part songs and madrigals for male voices (15/019 : 2 copies)

Students' songs Bk 1: [9 songs] for male v. & piano (10/029.5(1) : 3 copies)

Students' songs Bk 2: [7 songs] for male v. & piano (10/029.5(2))

Students' songs Bk 3: [7 songs] for male v. & piano (10/029.5(3))