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Jackson, Bernard (1869-1925) English

Berceuse + Abendlied {organ 40/125 : Paxton}

Jacob, Gordon (1895-1984) English

Brother James's air (Marosa): unison, w. descant / by James Leith MacBeth Bain (arr. Gordon Jacob) {p. voc. + sol-fa 02/008 : OUP}

Concertino for clarinet and string orchestra: [a 'free arrangement' for clar. & piano] / by Giuseppe Tartini (arr. Gordon Jacob) {set 36/092 : Boosey & Hawkes}

Concerto for oboe & strings: arr. for oboe & piano {set 36/043 : Joseph Williams #oboe part only}

An 80th birthday card for Leon Goossens {oboe & piano set 36/043-4 : Emerson}

The frogs: for harpsichord or p. solo {21/198}

Seven bagatelles for solo oboe {36/043-3 : OUP}

  1. March 2. Elegy 3. Waltz 4. Slow air 5. Limerick

Ten little studies {oboe & piano set 36/043-2 : OUP}

Three songs of innocence, No. 1: The Lamb (words by William Blake) {09/093[1] : OUP}

[Three songs of innocence, Nos. 1 & 2] (words by William Blake) {09/093 : OUP}

Three songs of innocence, No. 2: The Shepherd (words by William Blake) {09/093[2] : OUP}

Jacobs-Bond, Carrie (1862-1946) American

Just a-wearyin' for you: voc. duet (words by Frank Stanton; arr. Emerson James) {18/079-2 : Frederick Harris}

Just a-wearyin' for you {from Seven Songs} (words by Frank Stanton) {17/296-1 : 2 copies low b) high : Frederick Harris}

A perfect day: 'cello obbl. (words and music by Carrie Jacobs-Bond) {set 17/296-2 med. : Frederick Harris}

A perfect day (Le jour divin) (words and music by Carrie Jacobs-Bond) {17/296-2 b) high : Frederick Harris}

A perfect day: voc. duet [sop. & ten] {18/079 a }

A perfect day: voc. duet [contr. or mez. & bar.] {18/079 b }

Jacobson, Maurice (1896-1976) English

Fantasia on a theme by Thomas Tallis / by Ralph Vaughan-Williams (arr. Maurice Jacobson) {p. duo set 22/055 : Curwen}

The Roman road ('poem by Peggy Laing, words by Maurice Jacobson' ) {17/296.5 : Curwen}

Tales of Hoffmann (Les Contes d'Hoffman): opéra fantastque / by Jacques Offenbach (concert ed., arr. Maurice Jacobson) {06/036 : 4 copies-M : Cramer}

Jacques, Reginald (1894-1969) English

Carols for choirs, 1: fifty Christmas carols (ed. & arr. Reginald Jacques and David Willcocks) {02/204(1) : 2 copies : OUP}

Jadassohn, Salomon (1831-1902) German

Mass in D (Missa solennis ) Op. 123: for 4 solo v., chor. & orch. / by Ludwig van Beethoven (voc. sc. arr. S. Jadassohn) {02/014-3.2 : Breitkopf & Härtel}

Jakobowski, Edward (1856-1929) English

Lullaby {from Erminie} (words by Edward and Harry Paulton) {16/020(12) [2] : Ricordi}

James, Emerson [=Charles Arthur Rawlings] (1857-1919) English

Just a-wearyin' for you: voc. duet / by Carrie Jacobs-Bond (words by Frank Stanton; arr. Emerson James) {18/079-2 : Frederick Harris}

James, Ifor (1931-2004) English

Fanfare and Introduction {2 trump. & piano set 35/009}

Horn solos, vol. 1: [9 pieces, with p. accomp.] (written & arr. Ifor James & Stefan de Haan) {horn & piano set 35/056(1) Horn in F : Chester}

Scottish lament: for alto & horn (words by Maggie Palmer) {17/296.7 : 3 copies #a-c) photocopied}

James, William Garnet "Billy" (1895-1977) Australian

The radiant morn: sacred song w. organ obblig. (ad lib.) (words by Godfrey Thring) {17/297-2 [No. 1 in Bb] : Ricordi}

The stock-rider's song {from Six Australian Bush Songs} (words by Richard Baylis) {17/297-4(6) : Ricordi}

Summer rain: song (words by Fred G. Bowles from the Fr. of Albert Fleury) {17/297-1 No. 3 in Eb : Ricordi}

A Warwickshire wooing: song (words by Edward Lockton) {17/297-3 a,b) No. 1 in Bb : Ricordi}

Jamieson, James (20th c.) Scottish

Always Argyll / by Duncan McCrone (words by James Jamieson & Duncan McCrone) {17/363.5 : Jammy Music}

Jamouneau, Arthur James [= ] (1865-1927)

Glory to Thee, my God: hymn anthem {org. + voc. sc. 02/070-1 : Jamouneau}

I was glad: anthem for general use {org. + voc. sc. 02/070-2 : Jamouneau}

Janácek, Leoš (1854-1928) Czech

Hudba ke krouzení Kuzeli {p. solo 21/200-1}

Lašské tance {p. solo 21/200-2}

Moravské lidové písne {p. solo 21/200-3}

On an overgrown path {p. solo 21/200-6}

Sonata [1922 version] (rev. Rudolf Reissig) {violin & piano set 28/028 : Bosworth}

Tema con variazoni {p. solo 21/200-4}

V mlhách (In the Mist) {p. solo 21/200-5}

Janes, Oliver (20th c.) English

Blaenwern (Love divine, all loves excelling): arr. for SATB / by W P Rowlands (words by Charles Wesley; arr. Oliver Janes) {p. voc. + sol-fa 02/104 : Weinberger}

Janota, Jan (19th-20th c.) Czech

Poem / by Zdeněk Fibich (arr. Jan Janota) {violin & piano set 28/020 (b) : Urbánek}

Järnefelt, Armas (1869-1958) Finnish-Swedish

Cradle song (Berceuse) (Eng. words Elisabeth M. Lockwood) {17/298 : Chester}

Praeludium {p. solo 21/201-1 : Chester}

Jefferies, Leonard Stanton (1896-1961) English

Heart of mine (words by Jane Renn) {17/298.5-5 No. 1 in C : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crewe}

I sing of love (words by Harold Simpson) {17/298.5-2 : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crewe}

My love will go a'winding (words by Richard Fisher) {17/298.5-4 : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crewe}

Spring morning with you: song (lyric by Ralph Stanley) {17/298.5-3 : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crewe}

Two hearts in Summertime: song (words by Jane Renn) {17/298.5-1 : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crewe}

Jefferys, Charles (1807-1865) English

Katty darling ([possibly by Charles Jefferys]) {16/050-1[68] : Sheard}

Jeffreys, George (c1610-1685) English

Four fantasias (transc. Peter Aston) {p. solo 21/201.5 : Chappell}

Jenkins, David (1848-1915) Welsh

He giveth his beloved sleep: song (lyric by Edward Lockton) {17/298.9 : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crewe}

Jensen, Adolf (1837-1879) German

Ausgewählte Lieder und Gesänge: [27 songs] (rev. &c Max Friedlaender) {09/095-2 high v. : Peters}

Berceuse (transcr. E. Pauer) {p. solo 21/202-3 : Augener}

Eight favourite songs {09/095 : 2 copies : Augener}

Margreth am Thore {from Sechs Lieder} Op. 35 No. 5 (von Otto Roquette) {17/299 : Hoffarth}

O murm'ring breezes (transcr. E. Pauer) {p. solo 21/202-2}

Songs and dances Op. 33 No. 11-20 {p. solo 21/202-1}

Third album of 12 songs (for high or med v.) {med./ high v. 09/095-3}

Wanderbilder Op. 17: 12 Klavierstücke {20/008[3] : Peters}

Jensen, Gustav (1843-1895) German

Sonata / by George Frideric Handel (ed. Gustav Jensen) {cello & piano set 33/038-1 : Augener}

Jetsam, Mr [=Malcolm McEachern] (1883-1945) New Zealander

The Changing of the Guard / by Mr Flotsam (words and music Mr Flotsam and Mr Jetsam) {p. voc. + sol-fa 17/194 : Peter Maurice}

Joachim, Joseph (1831-1907) Hungarian

Concerto no. 22 in A minor for violin and orchestra: arr. for violin & piano / by Giovanni Battista Viotti (arr. Joseph Joachim, rev. Ossip Schnirlin) {set 28/053 : Alfred Lengnick}

Konzert G moll Op. 26 / by Max Bruch (ed. Joseph Joachim-Issay Barmas) {violin & piano set 28/007-1 c : Kistner & Siegel #lacks sep. violin part}

  Vorspiel, Adagio und Finale

Joachim, Otto (1910-2010) German-Canadian

12 Twelve tone pieces for children {p. solo 21/202.8 : BMI Canada}

Jobim, Antônio Carlos (1927-1994) Brazilian

The girl from Ipanema (Garôta de Ipanema) (Eng. words Norman Gimbel) {17/299.2 : Leeds Music}

Jockisch, Reinhold (1848-1906) German

Quartett 75 Op. 77 no. 2 / by Joseph Haydn (rev. &c Reinhold Jockisch) {set 42/018-2 : Fr. Kistner #no sep. parts}

Johns, Clayton (1857-1932) American

I cannot help loving thee: song (Anon.) {17/299.5 No. 1 in Bb : Boosey}

Johnson, John Rosamond (1873-1954) American

Album of Negro spirituals: [26 songs] (arr. J. Rosamond Johnson) {10/061-1 : Marks}

Johnson, Robert (c1500-1560) Scottish

Deus misereatur nostri (Ps. 67): motet for SATB {05/008[1]}

[Works by Johnson and Peebles] {SATB choir 05/008}

Johnson, William Noel (1863-1916) English

Good night, pretty stars: song (words by William Theodore Peters) {10/045-9[13] a) No. 2 in Bb : Chappell}

A thought: song (words by Clifton Bingham) {17/300 No. 1 in F : Ricordi}

Johnston, Lyell (19th-20th c.) English

Because I were shy {from Three Northern County Folk Songs} (words and air Anon.; arr. Lyell Johnston) {17/300.5(2) : 2 copies : Cramer #a) photocopy (© 1915)}

Johnston, Peter F Scottish

Seventeen national and traditional songs: for choirs of ten., bar. & bass. of lim. voc. range (arr. Peter F. Johnston) {15/009.5 : Novello}

Tenor, baritone & bass: twenty-one easy arrangements of national and traditional songs for men's or boys' voices with piano {p. voc. + sol-fa 15/009.6 : 3 copies : Bayley & Ferguson}

Three Scottish folk tunes arranged for piano duet {22/060-9 : OUP}

  1. Dumbarton's drums 2. O can ye sew cushions? 3. The Laird o' Cockpen

Johnstone, Maurice (1900-1976) English

So are you to my thoughts (words by Shakespeare) {17/301 : Alfred Lengnick}

Jones, Edward German (1862-1936) English

see German, Edward (pseud.)

Jones, Isham (1894-1956) American

It had to be you (words by Gus Kahn) {17/302 : EMI}

Jones, Mai (1899-1960) Welsh

Good night (Nos da): song (orig. poem by Idwal Jones) {17/303 No. 2 in G : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crewe}

We'll keep a welcome (words by Lynn Joshua & James Harper) {17/303-2 : Lawrence Wright}

Jones, Richard (c1680-1744) English

Gigue in A: {from Three pieces for the harpsichord} (ed. & rev. Henry Geehl) {p. solo 21/202.9(3) : Edwin Ashdown}

Jones, Robert (c. 1577-1617) English

The muses' garden for delights (1610): [12 songs] (transc. & ed. Peter Warlock) {10/089[ 3] : Enoch & Sons}

Jones, Sidney (1861-1946) English

The Geisha (A story of a tea house): Japanese musical play in 2 acts (lyrics by Harry Greenbank) {07/014 : 3 copies : Hopwood & Crew}

San Toy, or The Emperor's Own: Chinese musical comedy (words by Edward Morton; lyrics by Harry Greenbank & Adrian Ross) {07/014-2 : Ricordi #p. score only - slightly imperfect}

San Toy lancers (arr. Carl Kiefert) {p. solo 16/050-2 [21] : Keith, Prowse}

Jongen, Joseph (1873-1953) Belgian

Cantabile {Quatre pièces pour orgue, 1} {40/127-1(1) : Durand}

Impromptu {p. solo 21/203}

Joplin, Scott (1868-1917) American

The Entertainer {4 cellos set 33/A03 #no sep. parts for cellos 1 & 4}

The Entertainer: piano rag {21/203.5}

Ragtime: for Bb clarinet & piano (arr. Colin Cowles) {set 36/043.5 : Fentone}

Jordan, Julian (1850-1927) American

The song that reached my heart (words and music by Julian Jordan) {p. voc. + sol-fa 17/305 : Bayley & Ferguson}

Jordan, Robert M (20th c.) English

English country garden (words and music by Robert M Jordan) {p. voc. + sol-fa 17/305.2 : Tin Pan Alley}

Joseph, Kinsell

The Concordia: polka mazurka {p. solo 21/203.8 : Haddon}

Josquin Des Prés (c1450-1521) Franco-Flemish

see Des Prez, Josquin

Jouannest, Gérard (1933-2018) French

Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris: souvenir album [of 9 songs incl. 5 composed by or with Gérard Jouannest] / by Jacques Brel (French words by Jacques Brel, Eng. by Mort Shuman & Eric Blau) {09/027 : Chappell}

Joubert, John (1927-2019) S. African

Divertimento for piano duet Op. 2 {p. duo set 22/023 : Novello #Single copy only}

Jude, William Herbert (1851-1892) English

Comrades still: song (words by C. A. Paris) {17/306-5 : Felix Peck}

Consecration (Take my life, and let it be) (words by Frances Ridley Havergal) {17/306 No. 1 in E : Reid Bros.}

The mighty deep: bass song (words and music by W. H. Jude) {17/306-2 [No. 1 in] Eb : Phillips & Page}

Rock of ages: sacred song (words by Rev. A. M. Toplady) {16/050-4 [35] : Reid Bros.}

The skipper: song (words by F. J. Dennett) {17/306-3 No. 3 in D : Beresford}

The tar's lass: song (written by Edward Oxenford) {17/306-4 No. 2 in D : Cramer}

Judge, John 'Jack' (1872-1938) English

It's a Long Way to Tipperary (written and composed by Jack Judge and Harry Williams) {p. voc. + sol-fa 17/307 : Feldman}

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