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Thursday 20th January 2022

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O'Connor, Shamus (20th c.) Irish

Macnamara's band: song (words by John J. Stamford) {17/433.5 : Larway}

O'Connor, William Frederick Travers (Sir) (1870-1943) Anglo-Irish

The old house (words by Frederick O'Connor) {17/433 : 2 copies a,b) No. 2 in Ab : Cramer}

O'Connor-Morris, Geoffrey (1886-1964) Welsh

Alleluia!: joyous Easter hymn (17th Century) (words by Norah Phillips) {17/433.8 a) No. 2 in Eb (orig. accomp.) : Boosey}

O'Dougherty, Tresieme (20th c.) Irish

My heart is light and gay: waltz song (words and music Tresieme O'Dougherty) {17/434 : Boosey & Hawkes}

O'Hara, Geoffrey (1882-1967) Canadian-American

From Galilee a mother came (words by J. Sheldon Tyler) {17/436 : 2 copies : Chappell-Harms}

I walked today where Jesus walked (arr. Carl Deis) {organ 40/180.5 : Schirmer #words added by hand (poem by Daniel Twohig)}

One world: song (words by John W. Bratton) {17/436-2 : 2 copies a,b) No. 2 in D : Chappell}

O'Hogan, Betsy [=Lawrence Wright] (1888-1964) English

Old Father Thames (keeps rolling along): for male v. (TTBB) (words by Raymond Wallace; arr. Henry Geehl) {18/113 : 5 copies : Lawrence Wright}

Old Father Thames (keeps rolling along): song (words by Raymond Wallace) {17/437 : 2 copies a,b) No. 2 in C : Lawrence Wright}

O'Keefe, Donald (20th c.)

At the end of the day (words and music Donald O'Keefe) {17/437.5 No. 1 in Eb : Chappell}

O'Neill, Norman (1875-1934) English

Arioso: for oboe & piano / by Joseph-Hector Fiocco (arr. Arthur Bent & Norman O'Neill) {set 36/026.1 : Schott}

Four songs without words {p. solo 21/263}

Three pianoforte duets {22/032.5 : OUP}

Oberthür, Charles (1819-1895) Anglo-German

Twilight: evening meditation (transc. Alfred Whittingham) {organ 40/180[1]}

[Works by Oberthür, Wély and Buck] {organ 40/180}

Offenbach, Jacques (1819-1880) German-French

Barcarolle {from Tales of Hoffmann} (arr. Thom. B. Shaw) {violin & piano set 28/034.8 : Mozart Allan}

La Belle Hélène: opéra bouffe (Eng. libr. added by William C. Jolly) {Special : Heugel}

La Belle Hélène (Beautiful Helen): operetta (new lyrics by Phil Park; arr. Ronald Hanmer) {07/025-1 : 3 copies : Weinberger}

La belle Hélène (Offenbach): quadrille / by Johann Strauss II {p. solo 21/359-4 : Chappell}

The celebrated barcarolle from The Tales of Hoffmann (arr. D. Magnus) {p. solo 21/262.5-3 : Cramer}

The Doge and the Adriatic (Le Doge et l'Adriatique): celebrated bolero (Eng. version Speranza) {17/435-2 : Sheard}

La Gaîeté Parisienne: ballet music arr. for piano (arr. Antoine Delahalle) {21/262.5-2 : Paxton}

Gendarmes' duet {from Geneviève de Brabant} (words by H. B. Farnie) {18/111-1 : 5 copies-M a,b) No. 2 in F (ten. & bar.) c,d,e) No. 1 in D (bar. & bass) : Boosey & Hawkes}

Gipsy love: operetta {07/025-1.5}

The mirror song {from Tales of Hoffmann}: aria: As jewels divine (Fre. by Jules Barbier; Eng. by Edward Agate) {17/435-3 [No. 3 in] F : Cramer}

Night of stars and night of love! {from Tales of Hoffmann}: celebrated barcarole ([orig. words by Jules Barbier]) {17/435-1 : 2 copies a) [No. 3 in] F b) [No. 1 in] C : Cramer}

Night of stars and night of love {from Tales of Hoffmann}: barcarole (voc. duet) {ten. & bar. 18/111-2 : 4 copies-M a) F (ten. & bar.) b,c,d) D (sop. & mez./contr.) : Cramer}

Not in Front of the Waiter, or, Under the Aspidistra: incident (story & mus. adapt. by Colin Graham; words by Viola Tunnard; arr. Vilém Tauský) {07/025-4 : Chappell}

Orpheus in the Underworld (overture) {p. solo 21/262.5-4 : Paxton}

Orpheus in the Underworld: comic operetta in 3 acts (new lyrics by Phil Park; arr. Ronald Hanmer) {07/025-2 : 3 copies : Weinberger}

La Périchole (Eng. adapt. by Maurice Valency) {libr. 03/098 : Boosey & Hawkes #marked up copy (W. Jolly)}

La Périchole: Metropolitan Opera version (Eng. libr. Maurice Valency, voc. sc. Julius Burger) {06/036-2 : Boosey & Hawkes}

Songs from the great operettas: 38 songs from 14 operettas (words by Henri Meilhac, Ludovic Halévy et al.) {09/129 : Dover}

The tales of Hoffmann (Les Contes d'Hoffman): selection arr. for piano (arr. Charles Godfrey, Jr.) {21/262.5-1 : Cramer}

Tales of Hoffmann (Les Contes d'Hoffman): opéra fantastque (concert ed., arr. Maurice Jacobson) {06/036 : 4 copies-M : Cramer}

La Vie Parisienne: operetta {07/025-3 : 3 copies : Weinberger}

Okumura, Hajime (1925-1991) Japanese

The piano melodies in Japanese folk songs, Bk 1: [12 folk-songs - with explanation] {21/262.8 : Ongaku no Tomo}

Oldham, Arthur (1926-2003) English

Spring symphony: cantata / by Benjamin Britten (voc. sc. by Arthur Oldham) {01/023-4 : Boosey & Hawkes}

Oldroyd, George (1887-1956) English

Two evening responds: for organ {40/181 : OUP}

Oliver, Herbert (1883-1950) English

The dancing lesson (La leçon à danser) {from The Passing Show} (words by Edward Teschemacher) {17/438-1 : 2 copies a) No. 3 in Bb b) No. 1 in G : Larway}

Down Vauxhall way (words by Edward Teschemacher) {17/438-3 : Larway}

Songs of old London: [5 songs] (words by Edward Teschemacher) {09/131 : 2 copies a) No. 3 low v. a) No. 1 low v. : Larway}

Spreading the news! (words by Edward Teschemacher) {17/438-2 : 2 copies a,b) No. 2 in Bb : Larway}

Ollivier, Hector [=Salomon Jadassohn] (1831-1902) German

Dame Blanche: potpourri en forme de fantaisie pour piano et violon / by François-Adrien Boieldieu (arr. H. Ollivier) {28/075[9] : Peters #p. cond. only}

Martha: potpourri en forme de fantaisie pour piano et violon / by Friedrich von Flotow (arr. H. Ollivier) {28/075[6] : Peters #p. cond. only}

Onivas, D [=Domenico Savino] (1888-1973) Italian-American

see Savino, Domenico

Openshaw, John (1880-1966) English

Love sends a little gift of roses: song (words by Leslie Cooke) {17/439-1 No. 2 in Eb : Francis, Day & Hunter}

Orff, Carl (1895-1982) German

Carmina burana: cantiones profanae [for STBar. soli & chor.] {01/061 : Schott}

Carmina burana: cantiones profanae [for STBar. soli & chor.] {01/061-1.1 : Schott}

Carmina burana [study score]: cantiones profanae [for STBar. soli & chor.] {full sc. 43/006 : Schott}

Carmina burana [female chorus]: cantiones profanae [for STBar. soli & chor.] {01/061-1.2 : Schott}

Orr, Charles Wilfred (1893-1976) English

Tryste Noel (words by Louise Imogen Guiney) {17/439.7 : Roberton}

Orr, Robert Kelmsley (Robin) (1909-2006) Scottish

Seven Scots songs {10/068 : OUP}

Osborne, Charles Thomas (1927-2017) Australian

Mother (An old picture in a new frame) (written and composed by Charles Osborne) {17/440 : Francis, Day & Hunter}

Osborne, George Alexander (1806-1893) Irish

Comin' thro' the rye (Osborne: Scottish melody {p. solo 21/263.5 : Metzler}

Oswald, Albert H (1879-1929) English

Sixteen voluntaries organ, harmonium and American organ {45/095-2 : Mozart Allan}

Thirty-one organ voluntaries {harm./ amer. org. 45/095-1 : Mozart Allan}

Oxley, Harrison (1933-2009) English

Rise 'n' shine: trad. song arr. for 3-part choir of equal voices, SSA unaccomp. {15/049 : Roberton}

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